robert farber: artist's statement

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In my current work, I attempt to communicate the artist’s source of inspiration and fascination

with the discovery and exploration of a “new” environment.  The work is a response to the unique

and mysterious encounter that occurs between person and place. The journey is often a confusing

and complicated reflection of the artist’s own search to find his bearings in the labyrinth of the

contemporary world.

A Note on Creative Process:

The drawings are a reflection of a creative process that involves the research and collection of images

and information that pique my interest.   It also requires frequent field expeditions to a specific site or

geopgraphic location to gather drawing, photographic and technical information for the work. Back in the

studio, the drawings are then constructed based on the firsthand visual information, digital SLR images

and technical information I have previously collected.  The drawings typically start with no clear cut idea or

visual image in mind. 


The drawings are constructed on a variety of materials that include; acid-free corrugated plastic,

3ml. frosted mylar, ¾” poplar board or 3.75"x 3.75"x 2", 100y.o. oak cubes. 

I frequently collage and appropriate text/patterns from a variety of printed matter.  Collage materials are gathered

from a variety of sources: dress patterns, xerox materials and scrapes of decorative/oriental papers and cloth. 

Sewing; both hand-sewn and machine sewn processes have been components in the work. 

I continue to use a variety of painting and drawing materials to construct the images; acrylic/oil paint, gesso,

graphite, chalkboard paint, chalk and gold/silver leafing.  The digital images are gathered from expeditions in

the field.  The digital images are printed on a rag-free paper with pigment-based inks and are later covered

with a UV protective varnish.