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Adjunct Professor, Environmental Science, Ringling School of Art
and Design, 6100 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, Florida
( Teach courses in Environmental Science,
Ecology of Culture, Ecology of Art Materials, and Cultural Beliefs.
Ecologist (Landscape Ecology), SynGeo ArchiGraph, Post Office Box
1551 Tallevast, Florida 34270 ( 2002-Search and apply
for funding for wolf research and for an international meeting to
coordinate wolf research and education in the Balkans. Finish report
on wolf presence in Bulgaria for the Deputy Minister of Environment
and Water. Write invited articles on wolves.

Monitor stream and wetland restoration for Woodford Creek at Mountain
Grove Forest (an FSC-certified Oregon forest). Upgradewildlife plan for
Mountain Grove Forest; monitor wildlife seasonally. Participate in oak
woodland restoration project. Continue to monitor Altazor forest (Idaho)
restoration. Prepare reports & analyses for funding partners.Participate in
design, analysis and preparation of regional design projects, including
Alaskan North Slope, PalouseGrasslands, and Sonoran Desert. Initiate and
coordinate projects on individual landscape designs for Florida ownerships;
create landscape plans and pilot projects. Participate in Manatee County
planning process. Give public and professional talks on forestry, ecological
designand wildlife ecology. Volunteer with Children’s health Clinic and The
Nature Conservancy (on scrub jay surveys).
Ecologist (Wildlife Biology) Central Balkan National Park, US Peace Corps,
P. O. Box 259, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria ( 2000-2002

As ecologist for Central Balkan National Park, make plans for research
and monitoring of large carnivores in the park. Contribute ideas to first
Park Plan, including a restoration plan for sheep-herding areas. Create
and implement plan for wolf studies. Work on GIS. Assist in ranger
training for tracking carnivores. Assist in applying for and receiving external
funding for wolf monitoring. Accompany the rangers on rounds of the Park
in all seasons. Set up transects and night-blinds for monitoring. Monitor
signs on a weekly basis. Create model for wolf presence in Park.

Working with Balkani Wildlife Society and other regional groups. monitor
wolves throughout Bulgaria, using informational surveys, tracking for
signs,and radio-telemetry. Meet with other groups about wolf presence in
scatteredcommunities; talk with shepherds, farmers, and politicians about
the place of wolves near human society.  Work on wolf plans for national
parks and Bulgarian communities. Work on a model for wolf populations.
Give talks on wolves and biodiversity. Write and publisharticles and
information on wolves in Bulgaria.

Director (Forest Ecology) Ecoforestry Institute, 3333 Northeast 18th Avenue,
Portland, Oregon 97212 ( 1993-2000. Create and review forest,
watershed, and bioregional plans for clients; determine critical areas of focus
for impact assessment and potential mitigation. Review timber harvest plans
for protection of habitat. Direct two research projects: The role of arbutus
species in the recovery of severely-logged forest ecosystems (1997-98), and
Biomass loss and its effect on regeneration (1998-00). Manage Mountain
Grove Forest (1998-00). Coordinate Woodford Creek restoration (1998-00);
contribute to characterization, design, and implementation. Coordinate part-
nership efforts with BLM, ODOT, and local landowners and interest groups.
Finish statistical analyses of projects and documentation. Volunteer with Save
The Children Federation, Douglas County RC&D, church, and Lost Valley workshops.
As Director (6/1997-2/2000), secure grants, ranging from $1000 to $125,000,
for education, research, and restoration. Coordinate the management of nine
forests in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. Acquire FSC certification for
managed forests. Supervise staff projects, including youth and state volunteers

Visiting Lecturer, Rådet for Natur, University of Oslo, Spring 1987; give
university and departmental lectures; participate in wolf research project.
Visiting lecturer, McGill, Stanford, Northeastern, Brookhaven, and Los Alamos,
1988. Visiting Scholar, Center for Study of Values, University of Delaware,
Summer 1986. Visiting Scholar, Eco-Philosophy Studies, Arcosanti (Arizona),
August 1983 and May 1992. Supervisor: J. Franklin,