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The Handi-Tar is a multipurpose instrument designed for the musician on the go. It works in a range of settings, while continuing to deliver the sound you are searching for. The Handi-Tar can be programmed to mimic many instruments while remaining handheld. The size and versitility of the instrument allows the musician to keep one hand free if they desire to rock out with the microphone.


Adapter available to connect with any Apple device. Lay down some tracks or test some new sounds out. No need for mass equipment, getting the professional sound you have been craving in your own room. The same adapter also works with standard amplifiers; practicing with the band has never been easier.


The studio feature will allow you to perfect your vocals at the same time. The ease of the Handi-Tar lets the musician focus on the quality of the track as a whole. Your next album can have the original sound you have been searching for. This same sound works great in a live setting, so you can show the audience your new instrument.


Upon purchasing the Handi-Tar you will also get a one hour turorial digitally by email. This allows you to learn even more about your new instument before it arrives by mail. Handi-Tar also comes with a one year no hassle manufacture warranty.