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Since many dogs enjoy eating meats and it is also healthier to get real meat for your dog, get the Perfect Chop to cut the exact size your dog should be eating per day. Without having to use your own knives you can have a product just for the meat your dog eats. With the Perfect Chop there are different sizes of the product to make the amounts correspond to the dog you have!


To use the Perfect Chop, simply just place the piece of meat to fit the square and hold the handle up. Let go of the handle quick and it will leave a perfect cut in between the steak. You may also cut the meat into smaller pieces as desired. The Perfect Chop also has a hook to place the meat to stay in place.


Since dogs can only have so much meat and can be bad for their health the amounts measured is enough depending on the weight and size of your dog and is great to keep your dogs diet in good shape. The Perfect Chop is available at your local pet store for a price of 9.99.