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Cosmix II: Dome Works, Installation Art and Science Fiction/Fantasy Illustration from Faculty, Staff and Students of the Ringling College of Art at the The South Florida Museum and Bishop Planetarium March 16-April 5

Public Performance in the Plantarium and Reception for Artists Saturday, March 21, 2009 6 p.m to 9 p.m.

Theme: Inner Dimensions/Outer Spaces

This year's Cosmix theme is framed to reflect an interest in the International Year of Astronomy and the popular fascination with other worlds and other planets. Many of these worlds co-exist, overlaying the planet we live on. Our organization of these various worlds is expressed as cosmology, and in our cosmology we measure perception in terms of dimension. Work for the Cosmix will be made in two dimenisions and three dimensions, it will have projected dimensions and introspective dimensions. it will bridge the universe of the inner with the universe of the outer. It will run in time and space, but wander into dimensions timeless and unmapped. Cosmologies will be re-mixed and mixed together, domed and framed.

Latest Press Release from the Museum:

Fantastic Art At South Florida Museum

The Art of Fantasy and Science Fiction, one of the most popular genres of today’s art, will be the subject of the second annual collaboration between the South Florida Museum and the Ringling College of Art and Design.  From March 16 to April 5 there will be an exhibit of over 75 works of Science Fiction and Fantasy Illustration in the museum’s East Gallery.  These works, executed by faculty and students of the Ringling College, represent the entire range of speculative illustration from portraits of aliens to interplanetary landscapes, from gothic zombie groups to anime princesses. The show should be of special appeal to school groups at the middle school and high school level.

The exhibit, part of this year’s collaboration entitled Cosmix: Inner Dimensions/Outer Spaces celebrates the creative reach of the International Year of Astronomy and the popular fascination with other worlds, other planets.  Work in this year’s Cosmix is designed to bridge the world of the inner dimensions with the world of outer spaces. The exhibit of Illustration will be accompanied by several works by fine artists working in speculative genres as well as the latest art and technology collaborations between the museum and the college in works for the Bishop Planetarium.

The museum and college will host an invitation only reception from 6-9 p.m. on March 21st to honor the artists in the Cosmix and to exhibit in the planetarium an evening of domeworks. These works were specifically designed for the dome theater of the Bishop Planetarium and executed by students and faculty of the college mostly over the last four weeks.  The domeworks project is an ongoing collaborative effort between the museum and the college to build a permanent collection of locally originated domeworks to become part of the planetarium’s rotating schedule.

Here are the Press Release Photos:


Groucho Moon by William Blake Stephens


Marie LaVeau by Charles Chasson


Space Fish by Christina Ellis

mars attacks

Ahhh! Mars Attacks by Keyla Valerio


VooDoo Ceremony by Nick Sirotich


Promanade by Cassie Wolfe


Howdy, TeeHee, Well Now by Reed Bond


Sticky Fingers, My Dear by Neil Yarnal


Probing the Infinite by John Mack


Space Girl by Jeff Hatfield


Notice to Faculty Showing Work:

From Suzanne White: All faculty will have to fill out and return the exhibit form with insurance waiver before work is onsite. Am attaching the forms with this email should you want to forward to those involved.  As last year, please understand we do not have security in the museum and all art is subject to touching by visitors.  Works will not be insured by the museum.  We will do our best to protect what is here.

Museum Loan Short Form (Insurance Waiver) page 1 in word format

Loan Form Page 2

Click Here to see Report on General Directions for Collaborations with the Ringling College and the South Florida Museum and Cosmix II Proposal

Photos of the Cosmix I Event

Lance's Latest Revision to AfterEffects Tutorial Page for Dome Work

Information on File Conversion Techniques for making mpeg-2 files that can be adapted to dome projection

Information on Cosmix 1, 2008

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Cosmix I Performance Documentation Page

SkySkan render settings with Map of Dome



Intentions: This is conceived as a community-building project.  We are continuing to bulid a number of collaborations between the Ringling College of Art and the South Florida Museum/Bishop Planetarium. There are many natural points of contact between the institutions, among them the spectacular immersive planetarium theater and our own interests in training content makers for such new technologies. This year we are continuing to provide students at Ringling an opportunity projects for an extraordinary venue that offers a wide range of challenges and encouragements to those interested in making intermedia performance and installation of all types. This year we are also developing a partnership in the use of the Museum's formal exhibition space in an exhibit of faculty and student work from the Ringling College Illustration Department.

Planetarium pieces: We are currently soliciting work for possible inclusion in the planetarium event. These works should fit with the theme of the event. Work can be offered in the form of dome masters or mpeq files. Work in mpg file will be projected from the seven high-definition digial projectors around and at the center of the planetarium dome.

The naming convention for the seven projectors in the dome theater is as follows, in terms of where they project. if you are in the booth looking toward the front of the dome, the front and center 'slice' is 'B'. Immediately to its left is 'A'. Going around clockwise, then, from A, to B, C (front right), D, E (rear of the dome), F, with G being the circular cap at the top of the dome.

The techniques for working with After Effects to produce the correct file types are ennumerated by Lance Ford Jones in these two posts:

If you are rendering an mpeg-2 files from an After Effects Project

If you are using AfterEffects to convert a file to an Mpeg-2

It is possible to submit work for full-dome projection. This work has to be in the form of what are called dome masters and are produced out of Maya as single targa images that will be later combined by the proprietary software of the planetarium and put into motion. These images should be at a resolution of 4,000 x 4,000 or at least 3600 x 3600 and are very slow to render. Full-dome animations run at 30fps. For information about making dome masters for full-dome projection you can go here for tutorials:
ArtsLab tutorial for full-dome beginners,
History and links to tutorials at wikipedia,
Paul Bouke's Projection Page
Links to Planetarium Content Providers and Independent Artists
Hemi-Cubic 3-D Camera setup in Maya
Creating Content for a Full Dome Sky Skan Show
Paper on Live Action Video for a Full-Dome Show

Availability: The museum is providing free access to Ringling faculty, staff, and students who are involved in the project by showing your college ID at the entry desk. Project members can also bring family members to enjoy the museum and planetarium. All project members are encouraged to visit the museum to get a clear sense of the site and the conditions.

Project Proposals: We are asking that all students working on a project for the event submit a written project proposal as part of our initiative to encourage writing across the curriculum. Proposals should come from students or groups of students who are working on their project as part of a class assignment. Students who submit mpeg's for inclusion in the planetarium performance do not have to submit proposals. Academic support for proposal writing is available by special arrangement for classes or from the ARC.  In addition, any Ringling student who wishes may propose a project for this event regardless if it is for a class assignment or not. Project proposals should be emailed to the project facilitator: David Steiling (

Any individuals, groups, or classes that which to participate should contact David as soon as possible.