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In the depths of the Puerto Rico trench in the Atlantic ocean a very large object has been found. At a staggering depth of over 5 miles down, a submarine-like machine was discovered in early 2013. This object puzzled experts, but its identity is slowly beginning to reveal itself. Through extensive restoration processes it has been discovered that this object may be linked to the lost city of Atlantis.

As of 2014, it has been confirmed that this object was a form of transportation, much like a modern submarine. The design of the object strongly suggests Atlantian roots. There have also been artifacts found inside the submarine that are proven to be Atlantian.

It was definitely some kind of ancient submarine, but why did the Atlantians find such a vehicle necessary? Why not just build a simple ship? The submarine is quite large. It was used not only for cargo, but for human passengers as well. It's big enough to have transported the entire population of Atlantis with room to spare. Did the Atlantians foresee the demise of their empire? Was this a way of evacuating?

This investigation has seemed to raise more questions than answers. Studies will continue on the submarine, but it may take years before the puzzle of the lost empire of Atlantis is solved.