Pirate Units:

The base of operations for the pirate side.
Can create all units and the pirate building.
Pirates can deposite stolen money at the Floating Fortress.

Most all around powerful Pirate unit.
Only normal pirate unit that cannot steal resources.
Fast on water, very slow on land.
can only be built by Floating Fortress.

Cuts through waves instead of going over them.
Comes in different weapon varieties besides rail-gun.
Very fast, effective theiving unit.

Can go on land and water, but cannot go far uphill on land.

The standard pirate land unit. Good for swarming and raiding.

Lance is decorative. weapon is thrown molatav cocktails.
A faster and more powerful pirate land unit.

The cheapest pirate vehicle. Weak but fast.

Incredibly fast and weak defense, but good offensive attack.
Can expand wings and fly temporarily, for escaping or raiding.

Expensive, "late in the game" unit for Pirates.
Used by them in an eventual full assault on an enemy base.
Used to destroy defensive buildings and huge enemy units.
Hard to stop but destroys itself when used.

Very large, defensless and relativly slow.
Used by pirates to transport land vehicles over water.

Pirates are quite motley.

Pirate buildings:

The one pirate building.
Can build all units (land and water) except for sea kings and the floating fortress.
Can serve as a resource deposit for theiving pirates.

Robot Units:

Largest and most powerful robotic unit.
Walks on ocean floor and on land.
Fires thousands of shots into air from it's top.
Shots rain down on entire enemy armies.

Powerful, melee unit that pounds with 4 arms.
Hovers during travel, but supports itself on poles while attacking

Cannon firing land and sea unit.
Similiar to the Oblisk but for heavily armored targets.

Similar to the Fiddle Player but for lightly armored targets.

Can attack, but very weak. Used for mining resource.

Transports gathered resources from mines to base. No attack but pretty tough.

Huge, air based robotic seigecraft.
Destroys any building that's beneith it when it attacks.
Must charge up. Charges longer depending on buildings hit-points.
Giant metal ball slams down then floats back up into ship.

Fastest robotic unit. Fires cannon.

Robot Buildings:

Produces other robotic buildings. Is center of base.
(Buildings come up from out of the ground around it.)

Can be built over land or water.
Builds the drillbots (they drop down from center.)

Builds the units underground then sends them up and out the gate.
Builds the three walking robotic units:
the rain-maker, fiddle player, and oblisk

Calls the robotic unit from outerspace and brings it in for landing.
Builds the three flying robotic units:
the fat man, cannonball, and ogre

Built around the monolith to protect the base.
Spews powerful but short range flak at enemies.

Ninja Units:

Long range bombarding seigecraft
Cannot attack things in short range

Powerful accurate long-range attack
Weak defensivly, land based

Four extremely powerful railguns
Can carry many ninjas, vehicles beneith it

Light rocket launching and machine gunning helecopter

Two infintry firing stations and one cannon.

Two cannons, two torpedos, and eight infintry firing stations. Very badass ship.

All terrain personal carrier.
Can heal infintry units inside.
Can pick up/drop off infintry on land or water.
Can save infintry from being zombie bait.

All ninjas can move quickly over land.
Very poor movement on water, and attack power is decreased
Vehicles must be driven by ninjas to work.
Different mixes of ninjas produce different results.
All ninjas have blades on weapons for melee fighting. (rarely used but looks cool.)

The most powerful ninja unit.
Only one per game per ninja side.
Free. Comes when too many ninjas are dieing.
Leaves if not put in combat enough.
All zombies thirst for him. If zombiefied, becomes incredibly powerful dangerous zombie.

Ninja Buildings:

Bases have a set layout around the headquarters.
The Dojo creates infintry. Ship yard creates the two boats.
Air field creates two air units. Motor bay creates the three land units.

Built over the resource to harvest it.


Your basic undead.

Your late-in-the-game vehicle killing undead.

A possible result of many zombies lasting for long periods of time.
A fast powerful flying zombie.