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Super Saturnalia

Melodic and haunting

Last year, Mark Lanegan and Greg Dulli finally put their other projects behind them and booked some…>>read more

Nude with Boots coverMelvins Back to their Roots

Heavy and Sludgy!

Melvins are done screwing around with electronic music and are officially back to casting…>>read more

more mudhoney

Still lucky after all these years

Mudhoney's latest project, The Lucky Ones pounds out bottom-end rumble reflecting the intensity…>>read more

Chris Cornell Screams

Drastic change of style

Cornell continues to push the boundaries on Scream, a collaboration with producer…>>read more

It's a big worldToback releases kids' album

Former Brad member changes gears

If you grunge fans have children, turn them on to one of your favorite artists doing something for…>>read more


today's video

blast from the past

Ah the good old days…

Pearl Jam. Seattle. 1991. Enjoy.

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pj4evr: You can tell these people never heard this song before. This was before the big explosion of grunge. When you tell kids these days how good music was back then, they really have no clue.

budge: This was a free outdoor show, so any old schmo who was just wandering around the Seattle Center at the time was showing up. There was definitely moshing going on at this time with PJ shows but at clubs like Rock Candy and The Off Ramp.


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juno: They shouldn't use the name Alice in Chains anymore. I think they should rename the band.

naturegirl: Mark Arm looks awesome in every picture ever taken of him. I wish I had that ability.

Foz: I can't believe Foo Fighters are going on hiatus. Bummmer…

montana: Has anyone heard Jeff Ament's solo album? How is it?
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