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What is it? Spin cam is a new way to take stunning 360 degree panoramic images and videos. Its a simple machine that only needs a few steps to set up and then you are ready to start taking pictures. The spin cam comes in a complete package which inclueds The spin cam (some assembly required) software to “unwrap” your images and video and all cables necessary for your camera to hook up to the base and your computer.

The Spin Cam is very simple to use. When you first open your new Spin Cam you will have to do some basic assembling such as putting the legs on and addind a few screws but once that is done all you have to do is attach your camera to the top piece, find a flat place to put the Spin Cam, giv the wind up mechanizm two full roations set your camera to the correct exposure and shutter speed, click the button let go of the wind up key and let your camera do the rest. After you have taken you picture upload the photos to the software provided and let it unwrap your photo.