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Chromo Rack is the modern replacement for the everyday bike rack. Add a little color to those boring old metal bike racks. The Chromo Rack is made of strong weather, userporoof silicon.Bold colors are used to attract attention the the rack itself, catching the bikers eye.


The Chromo Rack will be implemented in major cities around the world. The sleek design with a burst of color is a nice touch to any cities urban enviroment. The Chromo Rack will be seen in all the leading cities i.e. New York, Chicago, Seattle, Miami, San Fransisco. Keep your eye out for the next Chromo Rack near you.


The Chromo Rack is currently in mass production. After production they will be shipped to all major cities. Interested in the Chromo Rack? Start a petition in with your local government to get the Chromo Rack in your own city! We look foward to make your biking experience that much more enjoyable!