At the Desert's End, ac:wood panel, 18x23 1:2.jpg

At the Desert's End, ac/panel, 18 x 23 1/2.jpg

The Round Table, ac: wood panels, 21x29

The Round Table, ac/panels, 21 x 29

Dining Room & Back Stairs, ac:wood panels, 30x26

Dining Room & Back Stairs, ac/panels, 30 x 26

Room in Morning Light, ac: wood panels, 9x13

Room in Morning Light, ac/panels, 9 x 13

Two Chairs, Three Patterns, ac: wood panels, 7 1:2x11

Two Chairs, Three Patterns, ac/panels, 7 1/2 x 11

Bedroom with Flower Patterns, ac:wood panels,8x13

Bedroom with Flower Patterns, ac/panels, 8 x 13

Vanity with Pattern, ac: wood panels, 17x24

Vanity with Pattern, ac/panels, 17 x 24

Chair with Pattern, ac:wood panels, 9x13

Chair with Pattern, ac/panels, 9 x 13

A Wild Sanctuary, ac:wood panel, 20x24

A Wild Sanctuary, ac/panel, 20 x 24