Bio career the invention


This product was designed by Brittany Smith aka (LA Doll) was trying to pay for college. She was trying to get her teaching degree. in order age that she wanted to be a teacher. She was always a smart and respectable girl with a good future ahead if her. He parents wouldn’t respect her however if they new she got into danceing.


It was her freshmen year of college and met her best friend Erica. She was unaware that Erica was a Burlesque Dancer. After Brittany was complaining about how expensive all her were then Erica told her how she got extra cash and suggested that Brittany should apply for a job. Brittany was offered that she suggested that she could get a job as a Burlesque Dancer but with much consideration she applied and easily got a job and LA Doll was born

The Invetion

Although the money Brittany got from her job helped pay for books she still had to buy item for her job. Brittany new she could come up with something to decrease her expenses even more so she came up with suction cups that have detachable tassels. The dark color made it able to match any color. She went on to market her product to burlesque lounges across the country and it payed her way through college